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Nigel Beale Bio

Motivated by a  love of books Nigel has, during much of the past decade, travelled the globe interviewing an impressive selection of award-winning authors and accomplished booksellers, publishers, collectors and book experts, for a podcast he hosts called The Biblio File.  Along the way he has also snapped a few photographs. Many of the interviews conducted for The Biblio File can be heard by clicking on various ‘AUDIO’ category selections on the lower right-hand side of this page.

Based in Ottawa, Canada, Beale is a freelance writer/broadcaster who specializes in literary journalism. His work has appeared in, among other places, The Washington Post, The Guardian Online, The Globe and Mail, Canadian Bookseller Magazine, LOGOS, Canadian Art magazine and Canadian Notes and Queries.

From 1989 to 2004, he ran the Ottawa offices of News Canada, a leading Canadian feature news distribution service, and was involved in various contract publishing ventures. During this time he worked with virtually every Canadian federal government department and many leading national associations and blue chip corporations identifying, writing, editing, producing and packaging into a variety of different formats, news items that were distributed to and used by thousands of newspapers, and radio and TV stations mostly in Canada, but also around the world. Articles he wrote for clients during this period enjoyed documented reader/listener/viewership in the hundreds of millions.

A well-known commentator on media culture his articles and book reviews have appeared in Policy Options magazine, Marketing magazine, PRCanada and Strategy Magazine here where, from 1994-1999 his monthly column on the media appeared.
Seeking new challenges, he decided, in 2004, to devote himself full-time to a passion for books and travel. In 2009 he bought The Book Hunter Press (a small U.S. publishing firm that used to produce a series of guides listing used/antiquarian bookstores), and incorporated it into, a website he launched in 2011.
He currently works with cities around the world helping them to attract literary tourists.

He has a BA (Hons) from the University of Saskatchewan and a Master’s degree from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario. When he’s not writing, or blogging, or photographing, or interviewing, or adding destinations to this website, or travelling around visiting bookstores buying books, he likes to sit still and read; sometimes he likes to look closely at things such as flowers; on rare occasions he likes simply to do nothing.

He can be reached by email at info @ literarytourist dot com


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