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September 15th, 2014 • Posted in Rome

Video: A Humorous look at Rome by the always entertaining Clive James

January 26th, 2013 • Posted in Rome

The Best Bronze Equestrian Statue left to us by the Romans

 Stendhal (in A Roman Journal) on this admirable equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus in Rome: “it is the best equestrian statue in bronze that has been left to us from the Romans…In its expression, the admirable naturalness and beauty of the design, the statue of Marcus Aurelius is the opposite of those that our sculptors give us in Paris. For example, the Henry lV on the Pont Neuf looks as if his only concern is not to fall off the horse. Marcus Aurelius is calm and simple. He considers himself in no way obliged to be a charlatan, he speaks to his soldiers. One sees his character and almost hears what he says.”

January 23rd, 2013 • Posted in Rome

Gibbon on literary travel

Rome: Ruins of the Forum, Looking towards the Capitol by Canaletto, 1742

Edward Gibbon on the ‘strong emotions which agitated my mind as I first approached and entered the eternal city’ in 1764:

“I have already found such a fund of entertainement for a mind somewhat prepared for it by an acquaintance with the Romans that I am really almost in a dream. Whatever ideas books may have given us of the greatest of that people, their accounts of the most flourishing state of Rome fall infinitely short of the picture of its ruins. I am convinced that there never before existed such a nation, and I hope that for the happiness of mankind there never will again.”