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Collecting Spanish Book Designers

For all of you book collectors out there visiting Spain and suffering from withdrawl, this post’s for you. Last year I interviewed Emilio Gil author of Pioneers of Spanish Graphic Design with the idea of getting some names to hunt down while visiting bookstores in the land of Cervantes. One of them was Daniel Gil.

As Emilio writes of Daniel’s output from 1959-1966 when he worked designing record jackets for the “Hispavox” label:

 As with other areas of culture, the 60’s represented a graphic alarm call within a stagnant Spanish society. Seen today, the sleeves designed for Hispavox appear as fresh, modern and relevant as they did in their own time.

The musical styles were represented by tinted, over exposed or similarly treated images, with the blocks of disco influenced type representing mixes of colour impossible for the printers of the time to contemplate. The elegant and balanced compositions visible in these cover designs would serve as a testing ground for work begun in 1966 for publishers Alianza Editorial.

What you see here then are some choice

Alianza Editorial


scored this morning from

Libreria Raices in Alicante.

Note how the fonts used for ‘Alianza Editorial’ in each case match those used for the book title. According to Emilio, Daniel had enough clout in the company to insist, successfully, that aesthetics come before branding, instead of sticking with the more usual approach of using a consistent corporate look. Very unlikely you’d ever see this today.

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