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Who Cares about what’s happening at Library and Archives Canada?

I’ve written on this topic. Here’s another take on the situation:

“It’s not such a big deal that Library and Archives Canada has had it’s budget cut by 20% – every government department is getting hammered. We’ve got  a deficit to get rid of here. We’ve all got to tighten our belts.  And besides, who cares about LAC? Nobody goes to the damned place anyway, save perhaps for a few academics, and old fogies tracing their family histories.

All they’ve got in there anyway is a bunch of dusty old documents that nobody gives a shit about. It’s a good thing they’re focusing on digitization. This way more of us can have a look at what they do have in there that’s of some interest (which isn’t much), and we can do this  – access Canadian history – from the comfort of our living rooms;  far better than having to travel all the way to Ottawa to see these things. And besides, on that topic, Ottawa has way too much as it is -  they should spread some of those museums out across the country a bit.

Speaking of which, I should say that this new History Museum is a great idea – it’ll make our past interesting again – more exciting – more understandable to all Canadians.

And as for the new Code of Conduct for Library and Archives Canada employees – what’s wrong with them having to agree not to crap on their employer? If they don’t like the direction the organization is taking, they can quit – there are plenty of smart young librarians who’d be more than happy to take their place.”

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