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Literary Tourist tip: go to the universities

Radcliffe Camera, Oxford.

Don’t forget, during your literary travel planning, to check out University event calendars. 

Campuses often host really interesting literary conferences, symposiums and reading series at which you can often meet leading authors and experts.

For example, coming up May 3-5 in Ottawa, the Canadian Literature Symposium will be exploring the life, work and books of Irving Layton. Brian Trehearne is the keynote speaker, he’ll be delivering a talk entitled Layton as Ethical Subject: The Later Poetry and the Return of Evil.

I’m particularly interested in Panel 2: Layton, Publishing and the Matter of Books set for 2.30 pm on the 3rd. It looks at Layton book design, with Michele Rackham talking on Betty Sutherland, and Cameron Anstee on Frank Newfeld.

I’m also pleased to see that poet critic Zach Wells will be part of the program, presenting on Layton’s connection with the Black Mountain poets.

Just prior to this symposium, Carleton University’s College of the Humanities will be co-hosting the ACTC Conference: Re-Thinking the Liberal Arts Through Core Texts: Science, Poetry, Philosophy and History. April 25-28 at the Chateau Cartier in Gatineau. Hundreds of papers, many dealing with the literary, will be presented at this conference.


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