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Celebrate Brothers Grimm Anniversary 2013 in Germany


Once upon a time, two boys named Grimm were born in Hanau. They would one day become very famous. Today Hanau remembers its sons, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, with two fantastic guided tours that explore local sites connected to their history, and invites visitors to enjoy some amazing scenery nearby where the Main and Kinzig rivers meet. At the market square, in front of the Baroque Neustädter Rathaus (town hall), stands the impressive Brothers Grimm memorial, which commemorates the famous sons and marks the starting point of the 373 mile-long Fairy Tale Route.

For almost 30 years, the Brothers Grimm lived in Kassel, which now plays host to the highlight of the Grimm 2013 Anniversary – the “EXPEDITION GRIMM” exhibition, located in the documenta-Halle. From April 27th until September 8th, some of the brother’s most precious manuscripts and personal mementos will be on display. The exhibition also sheds new light on who the Brothers Grimm really were: far from mere fairy tale collectors, they were language scholars, legal historians, and politicians.

Event Highlights:

Grimm Fairy Tale festival, Hanau (from May 1st – July 1st)
Brothers Grimm Museum in the Castle Bellevue, Kassel
Brothers Grimm Festival, Kassel (from July 18th – August 18th)

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