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Mystery novels and series set in Italy

Grace Brophy — Alessandro Cenni series, commisario, state police of Umbria, Italy

Andrea Camilleri — Inspector Montalbano series, detective, Sicily

Michael Dibdin —- the Aurelio Zen series, Italian police inspector, various Italian locations

Conor Fitzgerald — Alec Blume, ex-pat American and Commisario of Police, Rome

Michele Giuttari – Michele Ferrara, Squadra Mobile, Florence, Italy

David Hewson —- Nic Costa series, police detective, Rome, Italy

Christobel Kent – Sandro Cellini, cop turned PI, Florence, Italy

Donna Leon —Guido Brunetti series, police inspector Venice

Carlo Lucarelli —- Commissario De Luca series, policeman in post-Mussolini Italy

Carlo Lucarelli – Grazia Negro series, police inspector, Bologna

Beverle Graves Myers —- Tito Amato series, castrato opera singer, 18th century Venice

Magdalen Nabb — Salvatore Guarnaccia series, Carabinieri Marshall, Florence

John Maddox Roberts – Decius Caecillius Metellus, sleuth in ancient Rome

Steven Saylor – Gordianus the Finder, an early PI in ancient Rome in the time of Caesar

Valerio Varesi – Commisario Soneri, Parma, Italy

Marco Vichi – Inspector Bordelli, Florence in the ’60s

Jan Merete Weiss – Natalia Monte, police captain, Naples, Italy

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  1. TripFiction Says:

    It’s great to see all these authors who set their crime/mystery novels around Italy brought together! We were particularly pleased to discover Christobel Kent and Steven Saylor is always a good bet. Thank you.

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