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John Updike Childhood Home Acquired

According to the Reading Eagle, the John Updike Society has purchased John Updike’s childhood home in Shillington, Pennsylvania for $180,000.  The 112-year-old house, located at 117 Philadelphia Ave., will be renovated to make the place look as it did during the 1930s and 1940s. The Updike  family moved to Plowville in Robeson Township when John was 13. Because the house is located in a congested part of town, the society has decided that the museum will be open by appointment only in order to minimize traffic and other disruptions to the neighborhood. Shillington and Berks County featured, as Olinger, in Updike’s Rabbit series of novels. Much of the local architecture and streetscapes remain as he would have known them.

Updike was one of the most acclaimed writers of his generation. The Society has members in 13 countries around the world.  It is currently looking for Updike-related materials for the museum.

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  1. Don DeLillo Says:

    these are more or less the remarks I made at the American Literature Association conference in Boston in May, 2013 with the exception of some improvisation I injected concerning Bosley Crowther, Manny Farber, and Sam Peckinpah and what I believe their works can contribute to understanding DeLillo

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