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An Afternoon in Kingston with the Governor Generals Sunday, January 20, 2013

Novelist Linda Spalding (GG for fiction, 2012) talks with Diane Schoemperlen (GG for fiction for Forms of Devotion, 1998) about the personal family story behind The Purchase, the tale of an abolitionist Quaker who trades a horse for a slave.

“The Purchase is a literary novel, in the sense it focuses on character, psychology and morality, as much as plot. But is also has a fine, albeit slowly evolving, plot, wrapped in a darkly rendered gem of an historical story.” – Winnipeg Free Press

Biographer Ross King (GG for nonfiction, 2012), author of Leonardo and The Last Supper, discusses the making and preservation of one of the world’s most famous paintings with Merilyn Simonds (GG nonfiction finalist for The Convict Lover , 1996).

“King brings to precise life a fully dimensional, irresistibly audacious, and wizardly Leonardo and his powerfully affecting, miraculously surviving mural … Readers will love the dramatic, vivid, and brainy mix of biography and art history.” – Booklist 

A. F. Moritz (GG poetry finalist, 2012) talks with Steven Heighton (GG poetry finalist for The Ecstasy of Skeptics 1995) about archetypes and the advent of a new age, as expressed in his poetry collection The New Measures.

“A. F. Moritz can be thought of as a word furnace, a combustible mix of dark imagery and deep pessimism … fashioning beautiful lyrics tarred by blood and excrement.” – Shane Neilson

Tickets NOW on sale through the Grand Theatre


An Afternoon with the Governor Generals
Reading & Conversation
Sunday, January 20, 2013
2:00 – 4:00 pm
Islandview Room, Holiday Inn Kingston Waterfront
General admission: $12.50/$16.00 onsite

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