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Harper Government capitulates, doubles National Library budget

Photo: Remy Steinegger

(Ottawa) As a result of a recent series of articles posted on the Literary Tourist website, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has agreed to reverse cuts at Library and Archive Canada announced in his government’s recent Budget, and increase  annual expenditures from $100 million to $200 million.

Specifically, this new money will go toward renting expansive new exhibition spaces in each of Canada’s ten most populous cities, to be filled year-round with displays from the LAC collections, featuring unique books, documents, prints and other related source materials highlighting events and periods in Canadian history. These, said Harper in a brief statement, will help explain to all Canadians the ways in which their predecessors dealt with challenges and triumphs, many of which still resonate with us today.

“I was wrong to diminish the role of this important institution,” said Harper.  “This is bigger than politics. If we are to grow as a nation, and nourish the lives of Canadians, we must celebrate and learn from past history, and from the works of those who used their imaginations to help envision a new, better more livable Canada.“

Harper also acknowledged that while his government’s efforts to achieve success in international sporting events may have resulted in welcome surges in national morale and pride, equal emphasis on the Arts , while not necessarily as politically expedient or immediate, can and will also contribute significantly to a healthier, happier Canada.

(April Fool’s, unfortunately).

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