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Iranium and the right to air propaganda

The Free Thinking Film Society hit the jackpot last week thanks to cancellation of its showing of the documentary film Iranium at the National Archives of Canada. The showing was called off by the Archives after it received phone calls and ‘suspicious’ letters, apparently threatening violence. The Iranian embassy also filed a formal complaint, objecting to the showing (not to mention the content).

The result of this is:

  • way more exposure for the Free Thinkers’ message than it might ever otherwise have received; 
  • opportunity for Ministers of the crown to both (1) Espouse raison d’etre principles -  upholding ‘freedom’ and ‘free speech’ in the face of  violent denial of it – and (2) To lord it over a public institution that may well only have been operating according to the book, where public safety concerns take precidence over less immediately discernable, measurable threats to such things as freedom of speech
  • following on the first point: sold out crowds at future showings of the film.

Here’s the trailer:

Of course the point here is not to proclaim the veracity of Iranium’s message – from the trailer alone one can tell that it’s a skilled work of propaganda complete with Hans Zimmer-like background music and inherent hypocracies – but rather the right that everybody – and given how inexpensive it now is to produce films I do mean everybody-  in our country has to express his or her own version of the ‘truth,’ however warped, propagandistic or inaccurate it may be.

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  1. Liora Says:

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