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“Bring the book home, hold it, admire it, and read it…”

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Writing in the Winter 2009 Fellowship of American Bibliophilic Societies newsletter Kenneth J. Plako tells us:

"The Internet and the Google library project mark the end of the out-of-print/used bookseller. We say this with a heavy heart; the noble profession has existed ever since words were first put on paper.

In the past the bookseller acted as a guardian of knowledge by purchasing, storing, and selling books…

Google’s powerful search capacity becomes the new intermediary, matching the information seeker to the information. Thus the end of the out-of-print and used bookseller. A decentralized market consisting of thousands of idiosyncratic, individualistic, professional booksellers selling books containing information now becomes a centralized market controlled by corporations running on the business model, selling access to information…

Individuals who believe that words deserve letterpress printing, marbled and handmade papers, original artwork, and a fine binding define the book as a physical object with aesthetic appeal, not ephemeral electronic bytes…In these uncertain times, I suggest we all visit a "bricks and mortar" bookshop operated by an independant bookseller. If you can, bring a child or young adult with you and buy them and yourself a book. Bring the book home, hold it, admire it, and read it…"

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One Response to ““Bring the book home, hold it, admire it, and read it…””

  1. Don Lindgren Says:

    Yes!… “bring a book home, hold it, admire it…” but better yet, just say no to the corporate bullies destroying 500 plus years of bookselling. Don’t buy from Amazon, Google, ABE (owned by Amazon) or the others that are crushing the “idiosyncratic, individualistic, professional booksellers” you praise! And don’t visit your local bookseller for a long inhalation of nostalgia. Visit to make a purchase, and then another. Make real books a part of your life. Walk away from the screen.

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