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Grumble, grumble…

Unbelievable the number of assholes who drive slowly in the passing lanes here in North America, especially when it allows them to block off all paths past them. This just doesn't happen on the Autobahn. Even when three lanes offer themselves up…no one bloody uses them…no, they jam themselves over on the left…either simply oblivious to how inconsiderate they are…or too 'proud' to drive on the right hand side, so that people like me who like to speed can blast past them without having to slow down.     

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3 Responses to “Grumble, grumble…”

  1. An adult who has lost friends and relatives to idiots who actually think they're safer when they speed. Says:

    Funny, I was thinking how many of the over 40,000 annual deaths from car accidents in the U.S. are caused by assholes who think that since they passed a drving test when they were sixteen they can drive however they want. If you can't, or won't, grow up, do us all a favour and take the bus. The roads aren't your own little playground, and contrary to what you tell your wife/girlfriend, you really can't drive like a professional. You might as well just get a gun and walk into a mall, you self-centred prick, but stay the fuck away from the rest of us who want to make it home to our families.
    That you talk of false pride and inconsiderate behavior, as if your post didn't reek of the same, is laughable.

  2. Nigel Beale Says:

    The fatality rates of the German Autobahn and the U.S. Interstate system are roughly the same – have been over the past 30 years . Speed alone is not the killer, inattentive driving habits – such as the ones I point to – and lack of driver training/skills are the culprits.

  3. An adult who has lost friends and relatives to idiots who actually think they're safer when they speed. Says:

    "the feeling of being confident in more and more challenging situations is experienced as evidence of driving ability, and that 'proven' ability reinforces the feelings of confidence. Confidence feeds itself and grows unchecked until something happens – a near-miss or an accident".[10]
    In 2006, motor vehicle traffic crashes were the leading cause of death for every age 3 through 34.  
    And according to the U.S.  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at the Federal Highway Administration:
    "Nevertheless, speeding on the nation's roadways is a contributing factor in as many as one third of all fatal crashes. Fatal crashes are only a small part of the total safety picture. In addition, many people are injured in speed-related crashes. The economic cost to society of these crashes was estimated to be $27 billion per year in 1994."
    Finally, what you refer to as "inattentive driving habits" is little more than a cute way of saying "those drivers who follow the rules of the road, and get in my way when I want to speed". Frustrating perhaps, but you'll get little sympathy from either the police or the majority of adults who value the lives of their children. Repeat after me: "I am not a professional driver. I am not a professional driver."
    If you need to scratch this particular itch, perhaps you could join the other middle-aged men desperate for some "excitement", and attend one of those fantasy racing camps. There at least, the only life you're putting at risk is your own.


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