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A Site Where you can Trade Rare Books and First Editions?

I’ve seen a few textbook trading sites on the Web, and then there are sites for swapping reading copies (Bookmooch, etc.), but nothing for book collectors. What I’d love to see is a site where people with modern firsts, and other rare books, can post what they have to trade, and list what they want. Is anyone aware of such a site? I’ll try contacting  a few bibliophilic societies to see if they are aware of any. Stay tuned.


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2 Responses to “A Site Where you can Trade Rare Books and First Editions?”

  1. Tim Says:

    Swap sites have generally succeeded when they’re 1/1. Complex systems—this book is worth 2 points, this book is worth 3, etc.—don’t work as well, because the complexity and evaluation process work against the real value. True swapping is fun, open, generous. The answer to swapping complex good for what they are really worth already exists. It’s called money!

  2. Nigel Beale Says:

    Maybe so, but what I’m concerned about is Value, and getting it out of books already purchased.

    Sure, you can set up shop on line on ebay or Amazon or wherever but you’ll have to pay commissions. Dealers will typically offer about 1/3 of what they think they can get for a book, perhaps a bit more if it’s rare and in good condition.

    The best way to get value for your books, without paying middlemen is to trade them directly for others you covet. Dealers will often swap books with colleagues in the trade at book fairs.

    Why not try to replicate something like this on line for collectors. As you say, true swapping is a lot of fun, and more rewarding than losing money buying and selling.

    Why not try something like this at LibraryThing?

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