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Lists are all well and fine, but it’s the justification that counts…

Newsweek’s Book section seems to be taking out all the stops on the glib-two-sentence-justification-of-must-read book lists. First with these 50 because "what we…need, in a world with precious little time to read (and think), is to know which books—new or old, fiction or nonfiction—open a window on the times we live in, whether they deal directly with the issues of today or simply help us see ourselves in new and surprising ways. Which is why we’d like you to sit down with Anthony Trollope, and these 49 other remarkably trenchant voices.’

This is of course fine. But what we really need is a considered justification for why these, rather than another, 50 voices are the ones you’ve exhorted us to listen to.

Next, we get nine authors giving us the ‘essential’ books in their fields of expertise. Patricia Cornwall’s for example are:

In Cold Blood
American Rust
The Silence of the Lambs

Great. I love this kind of shit. The Guardian has been doing it very well for years, if not decades. But, why not do something a little more thought provoking Newsweek, get Patricia and the gang to give us something really interesting to chew on: why they chose the books they chose.

There is in fact a book that does a pretty good job on this front. It’s called The Top Ten by J. Peder Zane.


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  1. Pearl Says:

    and me I didn’t get that far, just did a headcount of gender before going pshaw.

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