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May 7th, 2009 • Posted in Nigel Beale Photos

Penguin Porn ll: The Video (by popular demand)

1. Penguin Porn (for mature audiences only)

2. Penguin Porn (for all audiences: best viewed with audio turned off) httpv://

May 7th, 2009 • Posted in Nigel Beale Photos

Nice Asses

These from Kruger National Park:

May 7th, 2009 • Posted in Authors and Books

If you like rice pudding…

I just discovered this stuff. OMG is it ever good.

May 7th, 2009 • Posted in Authors and Books

Zoe Heller and a small anthology of body odors

As outlined in a post containing a selection of wicked quotes from Martin Amis’s London Fields, I read, in order of priority, to 1) find and revel in funny, beautiful, thought-provoking phrases, 2) dwell on profound paragraphs that contain useful truths about life and human nature, 3) lose myself in the lives of exceptional characters.

Of Amis, James Wood once said: "His style rocks and sways. It has vitamins, it has enhanced flavourings. It is intrusive and self-regarding: it knows it’s good."

I will be interviewing Zoe Heller next week.

Her style, at least in the first 56 pages of The Believers, shares some of the same powerful Amis nutrients. Witness:

…dark flowers of perspiration blossoming at the armholes of her dress

Up close, the three men were a small anthology of body odors

…the American trick of seeming to smile even as he was talking.

There was a brief silence as they registered the eagerness with which she had disowned Martin.

His penis was thick and long enough to bump companionably against his thigh as he strode out to the bathroom.

‘Small anthologies’, and use of the word ‘companionably’ puts Heller in the box seats.Strodeis nice too.