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A stroll along Cape Town’s book street

Dave Smith, who at one time worked for Christina Foyles, owns Long Street Books, at 127 Long Street – Capetown’s book street - and is in love with Joanne Wiehahn, owner of Proseworthy Collectable Books in the same Antique Arcade.

Over to Tommy’s at 130 Long Street, and the purchase of an early paperback edition of In the Heart of the Country:

then to the most famous bookstore on Long Street at 211, and a first edition of Andre Brink’s Rumours of Rain. Stay tuned for my interviews with Mr. Brink and Ms. Henrietta Dax, proprietor of Clarke’s Bookshop.

 I recall there being more book shops when I was here five odd years ago. This one will hopefully return once renovations are complete:

It currently operates under the name Fortunate Finds on Main Street. Then: Boabab Books at 210 where Julie

sold me a copy of Iris Murdoch’s The Time of Angels (Update: and today a First of Barbarians at the Gate, complete with mandatory sunned spine…a purchase which leaves me destitute). Select Books

at 232 has a decent selection of

Coetzee Firsts

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  1. Peter Kay Says:

    Does David Smith or Joahanna have an Email address

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