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April 17th, 2009 • Posted in Authors and Books

Penguin Porn: The Sequel (Video available subject to demand)

Some months ago I wrote a post with the words ‘Penguin Porn’ in the title. I know some of you were very disappointed to find something akin to this:

Long Street Books.

when you were hoping, and expecting, to see the real thing. Well, I’m very pleased to remedy this situation today, with these hot


taken recently

at Simon’s Bay, South Africa. Unfortunately, this last photo doesn’t quite do justice to the majestic outstretched flipper gesture displayed by our hero shortly upon completion of his husbandly (I’m assuming) duties. 

btw. I should mention that I do have video…15 seconds worth at least…which, given the right kind of persuasion, I will consider adding to this post.