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The Seminary Co-op Bookstore Photos; Red is for Lit Crit

While in Chicago recently I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Levi Stahl (of University of Chicago Press fame). Our conversation should be up on the site shortly. Levi supplied me with the addresses of a number of bookstores for me to photograph, including the not to be missed Seminary Co-op. I notice that Scott Esposito has a post on the Co-op today, in which he tells us that “The Co-op has now ” premiered a feature called UpFront. They have “asked our friends from University Presses to highlight for you their favorite upcoming books.” Here are their recommendations for February and March. And if you do find something worthwhile on their list, I’m sure they’d appreciate if you bought it through their online store.”

Here’s what we came up with on the photo front: Quite an unassuming place it is:

Down in the basement (reminds me a bit of the movie Brazil) of an old, yes, seminary, near the University of Chicago.

Notice the yellow stripe on the floor.

Follow it and you get to the section it represents. For future reference: Red takes you to Literary Criticism:

Check out the Literary Tourist listings map for Chicago here.

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  1. Amateur Reader Says:

    My old home away from home. I am weeping tears of nostalgia. Browsing the Norton Critical Editions (last photo) is just as inconvenient as it looks. What a store.

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