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Sault Ste. Marie


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2 Responses to “Sault Ste. Marie”

  1. Robert Fripp Says:

    I’ve wandered through so many links since I found your original post that I can’t recall where I found you, but you were asking about publishers failing to use Helvetica. That’s certainly true. But one designer who insisted on promoting Helvetica in books was my late father in law, Will Burtin. My co-author and I gave Will’s obsession with Helvetica in its early days a mention in our “Design and Science: the life and work of Will Burtin.” On my URL click Menu “Design and Science” to read great reviews there.

    And while you are on my site, maybe you might check out my “autobiography” of Eleanor of Aquitaine, “Power of a Woman.” You’ll find reviews, essays, and excerpts. She has picked up fans.

    It’s nice to discover you.

    Happy New Year from Toronto,


  2. Nigel Beale Says:

    Will do Robert. Thanks! I have a particular interest in all things Eleanor, as this is the name of my eldest daughter.

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