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November 1st, 2008 • Posted in Authors and Books

What Constitutes a Good Short Story (1): Audio Interview with Rebecca Rosenblum

This is part one of a series of interviews conducted with three acclaimed short storywriters: Rebecca Rosenblum, Nam Le, and Anne Enright. In each case we riff off those qualities which Flannery O’Connor thought best constituted a good short story. I’ve listed some of them here.


We start with Rebecca Rosenblum, author of Once, " a collection of sixteen stories portraying the constricted and confused
lives of the rootless twenty-somethings — students, office techies,
waitresses, warehouse labourers, street hustlers — who inhabit them.
These are stories grounded in the all-too-real comedy and tragedy of
jobs and friendships and romances, books and buses and bodies." This debut collection won The Metcalf Rooke Award.

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