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Mandalas and the Self


As mentioned recently, in the process of moving house I spent a fair amount of time looking through my father’s papers, some of which I’d like to share with readers of this blog. Colin created this personal mandala with a set of felt tipped pens. Not sure exactly what everything symbolizes, however, I do think his effort is a thing of beauty. I love the way he puts shine to the oranges and the red ovals. Hundreds of pointillist-like dots went into the making of this work of art. 

"Jung used the Hindu word mandala (magic circle) to designate a structure of this order (a circle divided into four, representing the Self) which is a symbolic representation of the ‘nuclear atom’  of the human psyche – whose essence we do not know…In Eastern civilizations similar pictures are used to consolidate the inner being, or to enable one to plunge into deep meditation. The contemplation of the mandala is meant to bring an inner peace, a feeling that life again has found its meaning and order." 

from Man and his Symbols

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  1. brainwave Says:

    I heard somone mention isochronic tones the other day, do you know what this is or where I could find about it?

  2. Nigel Beale Says:

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