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Experience, Martin Amis and the Guardian’s Writers’ Room Page


Thanks to Jim Murdoch for cluing me into this beautiful page at the Guardian. Prompted me to leaf through my copy of At Home with Books again, which contains a beauty photo of Keith Richards sitting in his coconut-free library playing the guitar. But back to the Guardian: I’m impressed with how self revelatory and open Martin Amis is about the personal items in his writing room. Just as he was in his memoir Experience. Filled with humanity. Endearing commentary on mother, father, children, teeth, writing and death…Here’s a passage on how Kingsley was with his grandsons "The boys were main events. But the only thing he ever actually did with them, apart from hug them hello and goodbye, was reach out  with his hand (this was when they were very small) to cover a sharp edge of low furniture as they crawled or toddled by."

I wonder how many of those who constantly call him down have read Experience.  Maybe his real life persona isn’t like it is in the book. I choose to think that it is. 


And here I thought my room was messy. Jim’s favourite is A.L. Kennedy. I’ve got to go with Colm Tóibín’s above.

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3 Responses to “Experience, Martin Amis and the Guardian’s Writers’ Room Page”

  1. Jim Murdoch Says:

    Thanks for pointing your readers my way. I was a bit disappointed that your photo wasn’t Keith Richard’s room. That I’d like to see.

  2. Library Peeking | PB Writes Says:

    [...] Colm Tóibín’s library and workspace. Photo via. [...]

  3. ray gibbs Says:

    thanks the picture & comments . readers & writers like being close to writers .

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