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The Role of an Exhibition Catalogue: Audio Interview with Curator David Franklin by Nigel Beale.

Audio Interview with David Franklin, Chief Curator, National Gallery of Canada

DAVID FRANKLIN is Chief Curator at the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, and editor of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and the Renaissance in Florence, a catalogue published by Yale University Press to accompany a major exhibition of the same name held at the Gallery from May 29, 2005 to September 5, 2005.

We talk here mostly about the exhibition catalogue as book: what differentiates it from typical works of scholarly non-fiction, the challenges of catering both to the research community and the general public; What is it? A tour guide? A souvenir? A text book? Offering words for works; the drawbacks of publishing to deadline; how, ideally, catalogues should be written after exhibitions take place… But we don’t ignore content: the pragmatism of Giorgio Vasari; his art collection; the primacy of drawing in Renaissance Florence; painting as a process of investigation; and the jolting juxtaposition of illuminating essays and academic catalogue entries…

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One Response to “The Role of an Exhibition Catalogue: Audio Interview with Curator David Franklin by Nigel Beale.”

  1. casper Says:

    I cannot imagine a less stimulating audio documentary experience. The subject matter is interesting but the focus of the piece wavers all over the place. This is mostly the self-indulgent pontificating of a self proclaimed ‘documen’teur’ and a subject sounding drearily bored and lifeless while held captive in a coffee shop (maybe?) and I am able to over hear the drone over the drone. 40 minutes of this – I would sooner be force fed caramel pudding cups. Yawn.

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