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Good Society for Booklovers to Keep


Those who’ve been following the development of this website/blog, and my radio program The Biblio File, will know that my mission is to document ‘The Book’ at the turn of the 21 Century by interviewing experts in every book-related role imaginable. The interesting thing about now is that we live with major new technology that’s blowing celluloid book content into silicon cyberspace, and with artisans dedicated to both preserving existing books, and producing fine new ones in the manner they’ve been published for centuries. So, in addition to finding audio interviews (on the left under Categories) with executives at Google, Amazon, Microsoft and abebooks on the future of book production and selling, you’ll also find conversations with antiquarian booksellers, professors and conservators about the history of the trade, and the mechanics of production. Over the coming months more attention will be paid to the latter…in short, to many of the things that the The Alcuin Society is interested in.

Whilst West Coasting it recently I picked up one of their brochures at John Fisher’s Upstart Crow Used Book shop on Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver. The Alcuin Society is a voluntary association of people who care about the past, present and future of fine books, it’s "For lovers of books, the book arts, fine printing and reading." From their webiste: " Founded in 1965 by Geoff Spencer and six other Vancouver bibliophiles, it is the only non-profit organization in Canada dedicated to the entire range of interests related to books and reading. These interests include authorship, publishing, book design and production, bookselling, book buying and collecting, printing, binding, papermaking, calligraphy and illustration…" They even have a blog, here. Membership information is here



Alcuin was Charlemagne’s ‘"Minister of Culture", and a respected teacher, Alcuin encouraged the study and preservation of ancient texts, contributed to the development of the lowercase alphabet and helped establish numerous schools and libraries.

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