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Time and Suffering continued

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And a bit more on time and suffering from The Power of Now by Canadian writer Eckhart Tolle:

“To be free of time is to be free of the psychological need of past for your identity and future for your fulfillment. ”

“Are you so busy getting to the future that the present is reduced to a means of getting there? Stress is caused by being “here” but wanting to be ‘there” or being in the present but wanting to be in the future. There’s a split that tears you apart inside.”

Deal with the future problem by paying as much attention as you can right now to the doing, not future results. As the Bhagavad Gita says, attend to the action itself and be not concerned with its fruits.

Deal with the past by looking at it only as it manifests itself at this moment as a thought, emotion, desire, reaction or external event. Conscious presence is what dissolves the past. ‘Die to the past every moment.’

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