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Livres Chelsea Books

Dropped in at Livres Chelsea Books last weekend located on the Old Chelsea Road, opposite Chelsea Town Hall. The bookstore is owned by Frances Curry and opened last fall. It is housed in a modest bungalow. The walls of every room on the main floor save for the kitchen are lined with books. Not surprisingly I left with an armful of books including firsts of Raymond Carver’s Elephant, William Vollmann’s The Atlas, Tim Lott’s Rumours of a Hurricane, and a charming little volume by Morley ‘Callaghan’ called The Varsity Story, illustrated by Eric Aldwinckle about U of T, worth nothing.

Frances mentioned that her father had recently written a book on his wartime experiences, and, at the advise of local writer Phil Jenkins had used the services of one Nicholas Chadwick to help get it published. I hope to interview Nicholas for The Biblio File.

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  1. John W. MacDonald Says:

    It’s all relative. Your copy is worth less (condition-wise and important to distinguish the two words ‘worth less’ vs. ‘worthless’) to my copy for example. My copy is signed by both Callaghan and Aldwinckle; the DJ is presumably in better condition, etc.. Just to clarify, it’s not worth nothing, just not as desireable per se to a large population of book buyers, and not really a high point in Callaghan’s canon.

    To someone who has a special connection to UofT, however, it will be a charming book to add to their collection. Try to sell it and see how long it will take you to, and I’d be interested to see if you get a fine R.O.I. on the sale. I am glad you bought it, though. This bookstore sounds charming. I’ll have to get up there and poke around… if they have Callaghan in stock there must be other gold on the shelves.


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