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Books2Eat April 1st

What is Books2Eat?
The International Edible Book Festival is a yearly event that takes place on April 1 throughout the world. This event unites bibliophiles, book artists and food lovers to celebrate the ingestion of culture and its fulfilling nourishment. Participants create edible books that are exhibited, documented then consumed.

Who can participate in Books2Eat?
Books2Eat can be celebrated with family, friends, colleagues and public anywhere. The only rule is to make edible art that has something to do with books as shapes and/or content.
Each participating group or individual is responsible for its/his/her own audience and website. In previous years, the event was held throughout April, according various considerations. Tickets can be sold for the event; each venue can use the Books2Eat festival as a fundraiser for book centers and organizations.

Where are Books2Eat’s creations?
The artworks are consumed on the day of the event. Images of this world celebration are posted at The documentation will be used for a potential (non-edible) book by Umbrella Editions in the future.

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  1. John W. MacDonald Says:

    Nice link, Nigel.

    bibliophagist (bibliophage)
    /bi-bli”-uh-fa’-jist/ (from biblio-, book + Gk. phagos, devouring)
    a devourer of books

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